My Favorite Trends for Summer 2017


It’s June and Summer 2017 is here and with it come all of the summer trends. So far I am absolutely loving this summer’s trends. I love the ease and comfort of an off-the-shoulder dress, the simplicity of a bronze and pink makeup look on sun kissed skin and the beauty of seaside stripes. However I adore one of these trends above the rest; the tropical print. I first saw this print in the form of a pillow on someones couch and quickly fell head over heals. The print transports me to Disneyland’s Enchanted Tiki Room where I am enjoying a Dole Whip and watching the animatronic birds sing to me under the shade of a straw roof.
If you know me at all you know that I like all things vintage and chic (see my post on broaches) so I love this print because it feels as though I have pulled it right out my grandmothers basement. There are many ways that you can style this print to fit your unique style. Whether you are afraid to wear prints (don’t worry, I’ve been there) or love to wear them head to toe. This tiki trend can be achieved through dresses, swimwear, tops, accessories, or even throw pillows. I have attached some of my favorite ways to wear the trends that you can find and purchase in the real world.

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I Like Being Nude

Hello. My name is Sophie and I have a problem; I am obsessed with nudes.

If there was a support group for nail polish addicts, this would be my opening line. I don’t know if I am alone or if there is another nudeaholic out there but it is near impossible for me to have a color on my nails (finger or toe) that isn’t blush or light pink. If I even try a seasonal red I cringe. I just feel like there is some heavy foreign object on my nails and I find myself reaching for the acetone within hours of application. When I show my esthetician my nail polish selection she will almost always say, “you know this color probably won’t even show up.” I will smile politely and reply with a sweet, “I know”. I don’t care how many nail professionals judge me for my nude color choices. I’ll be nude and I’ll like it!

I don’t know if this obsession will ever pass or if one day I’ll wake up craving OPI “My Chihuahua Bites!” on my tootsies but for now, here are some of my favorite nude colors. And if anyone else has a similar problem please let me know in the comments.